What Is The Secret Behind Anti Wrinkle Cream?

Have you ever wondered just what is in that moisturizer and other anti wrinkle creams that you’re using? Have you ever wondered how they work to reduce wrinkles?  Or, have you ever wondered IF they reduce wrinkles?  If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, then maybe a little discussion about some of the ingredients would be of some help.  Let’s look a little deeper into that jar of wrinkle reducer that is sitting on your bathroom vanity…

Most anti wrinkle creams contain some active ingredients that will help to provide some improvement to the appearance of wrinkles.  Some of those active ingredients are substances like:

  • Retinol to neutralize free radicals,
  • hydroxyl acids to exfoliate old and dead skin layers,
  • Coenzyme Q10 for energy production in the skin cells and prevention of some sun damage,
  • Copper Peptides to enhance wound healing, encourage collagen production and aid the action of antioxidants,
  • Kinetin to improve the look of the wrinkles and uneven pigmentation of the skin
  • Green, black and oolong tea extracts and compounds used for their antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

Not Much Research Available to Support the Claims

Since the FDA officially classifies anti wrinkle creams and lotions as cosmetics, they really aren’t tested and regulated like drugs.  What this means to you and me is that cosmetic products do not have to undergo the rigorous testing and scrutiny that topically applied prescription creams and lotions are subject to since the FDA is more concerned with safety of these prescriptions substances rather than their effectiveness.  The only time that the FDA gets involved with anti wrinkle creams is when their advertising campaigns portray them as drugs or when their ingredients pose a potential risk or hazard to our well being.

One Cream Stands Alone

There is one anti wrinkle cream on the market that does contain ingredients that are mostly natural and have been proven to aid certain processes and properties of the skin.  Bellaplex anti wrinkle creams contain four key ingredients that work to significantly improve the look and feel of your skin.  The other anti wrinkle creams on the market may have one or two of these ingredients, but Bellaplex is the only one containing all four.  Of those ingredients, Matrixyl 3000, the key ingredient, has been clinically tested and proven to decrease wrinkle depth and volume by 68% and increase the skins firmness and thickness and collagen production.  The Argireline, fresh collagen and hyaluronic acid work with the Matrixyl 3000 to provide an anti wrinkle product that, when used as directed over a period of 30 to 60 days will improve the look and feel of your skin.

Of course, we all must understand that no two people are alike and the condition of the largest organ of your body, your skin, is no different.  You will find that what works for some does not necessarily work for all.  It is important to consider changes in your exercise habits, dietary habits and protect your skin from the damaging environmental conditions of sun and wind if you are truly interested in improving the look and feel of your skin.  Anti wrinkle creams are only one step in the overall process.

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